Renting Out Your Dock helps boat owners locate dock or slip space for their boat, and helps dock owners rent or sell their private boat dock space, slip, or marina dockage.

The majority of people living in waterfront properties don't own a boat. Despite this fact, many of these people have dock or slip space that they have no use for. matches people with unused dock space with boat owners looking for a site to keep their boats.

Because of the hassle associated with trailering a boat and the costs associated with many marinas and high-and-drys, private dock owners can often receive significant extra income by renting out their facility. is Free

There is no charge for creating a account and listing your dockage on the site. We also don't charge brokers fees of any kind.

Renting Out Your Dock is Easy

You can easily generate extra income by renting out your unused dockage or boat slip. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up a listing with the details of your dock or slip, and then add a picture for buyers/renters. First, you'll register as a new user. Next, you'll add the details of your listing, like the address of the dock as well as some contact information. You can also select the amenities your facility has to offer, such as ocean access, fresh water available or 24-hour access.

You'll set the price for your dock or slip to anything you'd like. You can charge a flat rental fee (per month) or use a per-foot pricing method. Use the search feature on the site to research the prices other people are charging in your area. Lastly, be sure to upload a picture of your dock or slip. Listings that include a picture have a much higher rental rate than those that don't.

List your dockage on today!